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Why Consign With Us?


 We're one of New England's busiest consignment shops.

We have a long standing excellent reputation for paying our consignors on time.

We are fully automated resulting in very accurate record keeping.

Our contracts are for one year from the date an item is processed and with our mark down system there is little chance you'll be seeing any returns.

Consignment Requirements

 Items must be from a smoke free home and should be free of any major defects, clean, and ready to be priced and displayed.

No rips, stains, tears, or signs of wear on upholstered pieces.


A minimum of $500 worth of merchandise is required to start a consignment.

Individual items should be worth a minimum of $20. 

A fee is charged back to the consignor for any item that requires cleaning or repairing.

(Rate for cleaning and supplies is $25 per hour) 

Transportation of your items

 We do pick up, rate for picking up items is $60.00 an hour for two men and our truck from the time they leave until the time they get back and get unloaded. Fee for pickups will be deducted from your portion of the sale of your items. Drop offs are scheduled during weekdays only.

How It Works

 It's a 50/50 split, we pay out on the 15th of each month for all items sold in the prior month. With each check you receive an itemized list of everything that has sold during that period.


 Items get marked down 10 percent after each month for the first three months.

 There is no mark down for the 4th and 5th month.

If something is out on the floor for sale for six months it is 50% off the original price. Contracts are for one year, consignor is responsible for picking up their unsold items prior to the end of the contract. Items not picked up will be disposed of as we see fit.


 Certain items such as gold, silver, and a few other select items do not get marked down.


Having had over 20 years experience in the industry we do all the pricing which reflects current market values. (We're not afraid to ask you questions if we need to.)

 Once you have read this entire page please send photos of furniture only along with your NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER to

Once a review is completed we'll give you a call. 

If you are unable to send photos we may be able to do a free home review.

Call 401-825-7670 to schedule.

Please note it may take a week to contact you.

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